Saturday, November 2, 2013

Langkawi trip

This Langkawi trip is the first trip for both Lily and her father. We are testing the waters, see if Lily can travel ..this flight will take 45 mins..short flight,but with a baby, you never know.
But Friday 4am, Lily came down with fever again..Friday 1 pm she had another dose of panadol..When we went to sleep at 11pm I thought she was Ok, but we woke up at 1am to her coughing and puking up all the and maintenance took up to 1 hour..campur dengan kena bagi ubat ventolin becoz she keeps on coughing..One day she seems better, the next she seems to be sick again. Pukul 3 pagi baru Lily lena tidur..Mama dia kena its 4 am and I still have to submit my manuscript draft to Dr Wong, she wants to review it this weekend. Packing tak habis lagi, barang2 baby la..esok pagi papa dia nak continue, mama dia mesti macam Zombie naik flight.
Initially we planned to go on Holiday but now its just a trip, because baby tak sihat, me & hubs also coughing, and me got unfinished work (guilt). Dah solat hajat so Lily gets better, and istiqharah whether to continue with the trip..we will see in the morning how it goes. Insya Allah

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