Saturday, November 2, 2013

Langkawi trip

This Langkawi trip is the first trip for both Lily and her father. We are testing the waters, see if Lily can travel ..this flight will take 45 mins..short flight,but with a baby, you never know.
But Friday 4am, Lily came down with fever again..Friday 1 pm she had another dose of panadol..When we went to sleep at 11pm I thought she was Ok, but we woke up at 1am to her coughing and puking up all the and maintenance took up to 1 hour..campur dengan kena bagi ubat ventolin becoz she keeps on coughing..One day she seems better, the next she seems to be sick again. Pukul 3 pagi baru Lily lena tidur..Mama dia kena its 4 am and I still have to submit my manuscript draft to Dr Wong, she wants to review it this weekend. Packing tak habis lagi, barang2 baby la..esok pagi papa dia nak continue, mama dia mesti macam Zombie naik flight.
Initially we planned to go on Holiday but now its just a trip, because baby tak sihat, me & hubs also coughing, and me got unfinished work (guilt). Dah solat hajat so Lily gets better, and istiqharah whether to continue with the trip..we will see in the morning how it goes. Insya Allah

Friday, November 1, 2013


How is it that some people (women) can be married, have children, go to work,  study for their PhD & blog? Amazing multi-taskers. And hardworking too. It's so difficult for me. Must not be easy for them either but they can overcome it. But I dont have that extra rajin 'gene'. I'm very laid back. 
So today, Oct 31, 2013 (Halloween day for some) I have decided to start blogging again because I was inspired by another PhD student blog. A few months back I also read advice for a PhD student is to write a blog, so that we get used to writing. Writing stories. Just write. After all , the PhD is a Story. I pray mine makes a good one.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Maxis Internet nak compete with Unifi...Halloween sangat (31 Oct 2013)

31st October 2013...Bye bye October...
So today woke up late, knowing that I would have to wait for the Maxis people to come and fix the Internet (2nd visit) at 9.30am because hubby had to go to his work site, but he pesan, if the technician kata kena add on payment for pasang cable I was to call him. Because on the 1st visit that Maxis came, tunggu punye tunggu baru org Telekom (sub-contractor ) datang. And sub-con ni plak cakap cannot pasang internet today because they have to pull the telekom line from another longer route, and this has to be decided by the area manager. This wastes everybodys time,doesnt it? Why didnt the telekom person come and check out the area first rather than send the tukang pasang terus..Dahla bila nak langgan Maxis ni, ambil beberapa minggu. Took like 3 weeks before they came. and maxis cakap if we (the customer) cancel 24 hours before, kita kena charge denda RM 200. So now hubby sudah angin la,  so what if Maxis yang tak datang? I will ask for RM 200 discount also lah. Now kita dah blow 1 day off work to wait  for Maxis to come, datang2 tak boleh pasang, bazir masa je kan. Siapa yang nak bayar gaji saya tak pergi kerja satu hari? Gaji I as RA memang la less than 200, but gaji hubby ko tak terbayar Maxis oii. 
Lepas sekian lama, (few weeks jugak) baru Maxis boleh datang balik for 2nd visit. Dia kata dia tunggu telekom buat routing dulu. Dah 9.30am..dah siap minum pagi, dah berpeluh dah pun pakai tudung dalam rumah..tak pe lah, bagi baby makan Anti-biotic dulu. And Mucoform, still coughing with phlegm. Its such a struggle to force medicine down her mouth. I remember dulu when Lily got fever we all bagi  panadol, Mama used to say Lily was so good makan ubat. Ya and I thought it was no big deal feeding her panadol, I thought there was so much sugar (probably sweetener?) in her panadol so that Lily doesnt mind eating it. Her other medicine also are sweet, taste like orange la..smell like chocolate la..but she really hates them  !!! Now I know what Mama meant when she said "your abang Alp used to fight back with his hands and legs, have to pinch his nose to make him swallow medicine" because Lily pun macam tu jugak. So I assume semua baby macam ni la kalau kasi makan ubat. Yang part paling bes, lepas dah struggle nak kasi telan ubat..jap lagi dia batuk batuk batuk kluar kahak ngan ubat skali all over me (thats alright) the bedsheet and floor. In front of Lily's papa, just to show her papa how much she hates it.
So tunggu punye tunggu orang maxis ni, 10 lebih , Mama & maid mandikan Lily, kita pun masuk toilet, masa tu lah maxis nak sampai. I kluar tengok, mama tengah cakap ngan orang maxis and sub contractor telekom tu over the gate (tak bukak lah, last time bukak gate pun bukan ko buat kerja...). The same sub con cakap..akak, sorry kak..haritu masalah tak boleh pasang kan...kali ni ada masalah lain pulak...dalam slip tulis dah ada modem, jadi saya tak bawa modem, padahal telekom belum pasang modem..HAA..orang telekom niiii...macam mana la boleh miscommunication sampai macam ni..aku tak paham betul la macam mana korang buat kerja...! Skang saya telefon telekom untuk bawa modem. Buang masa korang kan datang sini, tengok tengok tak boleh buat kerja ..boleh buat kerja lain, attend customer lain. So kena tunggu telekom nye response. stengah jam lepas tu, dorang ni datang balik cakap...Telekom tak bagi modem, kena apply lagi sekali..which will take a long time. and make us wait, forever, again. Yes, they take forever to attend to us customers. Padahal Bill Maxis dah sampai. 2 Bill lagi. Sib baik kosong. But still..? Korang punye Billing/Accounts department memang Efficient! Pastu sub con ni cakap akak call la Maxis complain, suruh dia push telekom. kalau tak, memang lambat la..amik masa. Heehh..I dunno who to strangle first...Maxis ke Telekom. Korang ni mentang mentang tak ada market competition macam ni la treat customer. Thank you for wasting my time...AGAIN. Gotta get to work..I pun quickly pack my things into the car...start engine..and engine wont start. alarm went off. Omg. Battery mati. Hubby kata boleh panggil orang Century datang pasang battery for RM235 or hubby balik kerja buy battery and pasangkan. Its already 12 long will repairing my car battery plak gonna take...last2 masuk balik rumah...i pun pening laa..panas..batuk..serabut ...marah tak marah kat maxis and telekom..ada kerja pending..dahla banyak dah cuti uruskan maid demam bawa gi klinik..October 2013..I declare you as my serabut month..mostly because I tak sihat..1st Oct gi jumpe Dr Raznan DEMC..prescribed Augmentin..15 Oct jumpe Dr Alan DEMC prescribed EES..25 Oct Lily gi klinik Adek sec 9..prescribed Augmentin..26 Oct nak admit Lily to DEMC dah full..bawa gi KPJ..waited 3.30 pm -8.30 pm Lily treated with Nebulizer once..mostly waiting to be admitted, Great Eastern insurance pun slow nak kasi Guarantee letter, KPJ Selangor service also Overall Poor, by 8.30 I said Thats it! We're going home. I will take care of my baby myself. 27 Oct brought Lily to DEMC for nebulizer, but Dr Tengku said she's better, her lungs are got the medication..tak payah neb..
Also tak payah bayar..
Dr, you tak bagi i bill..?
Its ok..tak payah la..air liur je..
Thank you Dr..
I doakan Allah murahkan rezeki  you
compared to KPJ..DEMC is like  home to me..way better service..way better staff..
Kat KPJ...dah tunggu lama dah meragam...we all dah bekalkan susu dalam botol dah..tapi lama sangat dah habis susu, tak i approach the front desk tu Bilik menyusu ada? 
Tak ada....lama sikit tu, tengok muka aku yang tak puas hati ni...
kita boleh bagi guna bilik (emergency) tapi semua penuh...
nasib baik hubby bawa nursing cover dalam baby diaper bag..menyusu je lah kat situ. Lepas sejam baby poopoo plak..bocor dalam kain kendong maid..tanya front desk lagi, sini ada baby changing room tak? baby dah berak bocor sampai ke sluar, nak kena tukar lampin, tukar baju, basuh..
Jawapan: Tak ada...
Tahniah KPJ Selangor you've made it into my "Never seek treatment from these Hospitals List". So we used the ladies bathroom to wash Lily.Then someone asked the male attendant kalau ada bilik kosong tak, so the guy showed us the empty bed..boleh la buat tukar baju baby Lily.
Sambung cerita Doctor visits October 2013.. 29 Oct I went to UM's student clinic kat UH..nak minta ubat ..ubat apa2 lah..ubat batuk ke..nak prescribe antibiotic lagi ke...Doc kata throat dah ok..tinggal batuk and selsema jer..janji dapat ubat free, i like. One thing the Doc told me which is new..I told her my tonsils feel bengkak, and she replied Awak punya tonsils memang besar..belah kanan lagi besar dari belah kiri. Terdiam i kejap. wow. is this normal? terbayang alien dalam Starwars. So in total 7 times dah jumpa Dr. in bulan Oct sahaja. 
Now nak sambung kerja yang pending tu..writing a manuscript about Medical Education..I have to submit it to Dr Wong by tomorrow petang !

Thursday, June 2, 2011

#478 The meaning of shortform untuk orang tua macam buyui dan saya

Dear miss B,

Since you lazy to find out what the shortforms in these young people's blog mean, I have googled it for ya.

FTF = face to face (<-from adinda evans girl)

TTYE = talk to you eventually (<-paris H)

now back to reading trashy , teenage blogs...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Caught Naked !

What is with Naked people walking on the highways lately?
Last month an African woman was caught walking naked on MRR2 like in a daze..People came to cover her up but she was running away..they tried to calm her down. Then in the papers they reported she was a Drug Mule..she was carrying drugs in her tummy, and one of the drug vials broke inside, so she got high and delirious. I wonder how the reaction of our Malaysian people was..Sex is taboo...Pakai Sexy sikit attracts so much eyes and attention..if STARK NAKED like the day you were born, HOW ?
This morning on the Federal Highway , close to the Subang Airport exit there was a tall guy STARK NAKED also walking and pointing. Aiyoyo...( I didn't Look though ! haha!) . It was the usual morning traffic jam, One Million people driving on the road...suddenly we all get a free show of Butt. Policeman pun tak dak pagi. Tak tahu la apasal. Selalu ada je. I'm surprised nobody accident tadi...*mata pejam*

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dokter Pakar....goreng.

Nak blog sebab terserempak dengan Doctor kat bawah tadi...kat bawah ada workshop for doctors.
I nampak, I stare, I terus look away...berasap jer..
He's the doctor pakar that my mother was referred to at UMMC specialist.
Mak I tepon UMMC , tanya nak jumpa siapa kalau sakit sakit bawah kulit, rasa macam dalam tulang..rasa macam pedih pedih dekat nerve..saraf..
Dia suruh buat appointment jumpa Doctor pakar neuro..saraf..
Masa bawa my mother pergi office doctor ni, I was impressed , sebab dia Pakar Neuro surgeon..Like, WOW..Belajar mesti Hebat nieh..Dah la Neuro..Saraf..Surgeon plak tu..
 Dr Gopal ke ape nama dia..
Yang datang nak jumpa dia, semua orang tua tua..Tua betul la ! kalau tolak trus jatuh punye jenis..Jenis yang anak kena pimpin, panggil dia, coz orang tua tak dengar, ke dia stone, zone out..biasa la..tuaaa..My mother steady je lagi haha..
Masuk la office dia, jumpe..young chap..looks 38+ yrs old..But I think actually 40+ kot, biasa la......Lelaki kan nampak Muda je sentiasa. except yang isap dadah, or really fat and smokes and ugly. anyway...
Doctor ni pun check Mak I...siap ketuk ketuk lutut Mak, tengok ada response ke tak..buat lengan mak I pusing sini, pusing sana la...I nganga jer.
Panjang lebar Mak I explain kat dia start sakit bila, rasa macam mana, tunjuk rashes kat tangan, lengan my mum, gatal, lain kasi ubat apa....Last last, dia diagnose Mak I takde ape ape...tak tahu sakit apa..Only thing he can give is Painkillers untuk nerve..Selain tu tak de pa pe..tengok la macam mana, kalau jadi apa apa sakit lagi..Sebab dari observation dia, nerve response my mother is still good. So he doesnt know whats wrong, or why my mother feels Pain near her bones or nerves. My mother siap bagitahu yang I said, maybe its Shingles..(coz I pernah see our house cleaner , maid indon kena shingles, sakit sakit macam my mum complain tu) Doctor gopal ni pun check for shingles..check the rashes...He said the rashes tak kuar air, kalau shingles, dia macam ada air and the rashes will timbul in a line, macam peta kat saraf, dia ikut saraf. Kata "No, no..Believe me its not shingles....Trust me, It's not shingles.."
Kitorang pun ,"Ok Bye" - You're not much Help, and I kena bayar bill $$ yg tak berapa nk murah tu .
What to do? Balik my mom makan je Painkillers. Esok nya tu, pergi Klinik biasa , dapat doctor yang my mum knows well...One look the doctor diagnose my mum kena Shingles.

I tak boleh lupa ayat ..TRUST ME ITS NOT SHINGLES
Well, Trust you to MISDIAGNOSE you lousy so-called neuro surgeon expert. 
I tengok qualifications dia, wow hebat! , UK la bagai.. Berlagak "I know what I'm talking about". Tu la dia, he's just Human.
Tadi I memang just nak walk up to him and tell it to his face that my mom went to a local GP and was diagnosed with shingles, Mr .fancy neuro surgeon pants. Kau pergi medical school balik la weih.
Dah expert expert sangat, yang basic human sickness pun tak reti nak tengok.

Alhamdulillah, mum dah ok.

Thursday, November 11, 2010